Biodata Henk A. Jenner

Dr. Henk A. Jenner studied biology at the Free University of Amsterdam and did his PhD in (eco)toxicology at the Agricultural University, Wageningen. He worked more than 30 years at KEMA as researcher, manager and later as senior consultant in the environmental area.

At KEMA, he initiated the research on micro- and macrofouling in cooling water systems of power generating and other large industries. He is (co)-editor of three books dealing with biofouling and has (co-)published nearly 100 scientific papers. He was a principal of a governmental committee (CIW) developing a new and innovative directive for the discharge of heated effluents, in tune with the new IPPC and Water Framework Directive in Europe.

 Dr. Jenner has been co-promotor of S. Rajagopal (1997) and coached about 20 students from the Agricultural University of Wageningen, University of Nijmegen and the University of Utrecht and was PhD foreign examiner for several candidates e.g. University of Hull, University in Madras and Cambridge University. His main areas of interest are (bio)fouling control at large scale industrial cooling water systems; modelling of heated cooling water discharge; microfouling and biofilm activity monitoring; chlorination & chlorination by-product formation and environmental impact assessment studies.

Dr Jenner is a patent holder of: 1e The mode of operation and design for the killing of insects (entomology) in corn, rice and vegetables. Patent number 1017942; 2e Floating Bio reactors for rapid removal of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in open cooling towers; 3e Sparker technology as a method for fish deflection to avoid excessive impingement of fish on the rotating sieves of cooling water intakes (patent pending).