Aquator Partners

Aquator is specialised in the biology (biofouling) and treatment (control) of large industrial cooling water installations and related fields as environmental impact studies. A second field of expertise is water quality improvement of spa’s, hot tubs and (swimming) pools. See my bio-sketch for more information about expertises.

Ten years ago our Aquator was started focussed in the first years on the biological and chemical input for a revolutionary new ‘wellness’ product for pools, spa’s. Later on also cooling towers became an application area to minimise fouling problems at the filling and to control Legionella. See

2.  Two years ago Aquator has started a co-operation with H2O Biofouling Solutions. This young company provide a complete solution preventing biofouling risks in industrial water systems. H2O BFS offers a One-stop-shop for:

  • Consultancy services
  • Biocides/hardware
  • Engineering
  • Dosing system design
  • Biomonitoring sytems

There strength lies in the application of full equipped 20 foot container laboratories which can be shipped all over the world.